ECCOFORT supports the development of a transnational networking and the foundation of network organisation of the European fortified cultural heritage.

The fortress heritage needs intensive transnational cooperation, exchange of experiences and transfer of knowledge to find answers for the difficult questions regarding the monument protection, practice of historical technologies, compatible monuments and modern utilisation, effective management, organisation of income, international marketing and branding of tourist products. It should contribute to find new ways for the capitalisation of the heritage at different markets. Overview of the network activities of ECCOFORT:


As common result of the project FORTE CULTURA, FORTE CULTURA e.V. (former European Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network e.V.) was found in December 2014 in Kostrzyn nad Odra. The European network offers the European Culture Route of Fortified Monuments FORTE CULTURA with a broad range of modern marketing instruments and targeted marketing activities, specifically geared to the needs of fortified monuments.

Founding and board members are among others Mr. Hartmut Röder and Mr. Dirk Röder. ECCOFORT reg.ass. is the administration office of this network.

Network of Baltic Fortresses

Initiated by the heads of ECCOFORT, Mr Hartmut Röder and Mr Dr. Hans-Rudolf Neumann, as a result of the INTERREG-III-B-Project “Baltic Culture and Tourism Route Fortresses”, numerous fortresses in the Baltic Sea Region agreed to a cooperation within a network of Baltic Fortresses. The shared interest consists in the organisation of an international fortress tourism as parts of a cultural tourism, in the fields of marketing, using a common label and in questions of monument protection, compatible monument utilisation and fortress management.

Network of Scientific Consultation Centre for fortresses

One of the important activities has been the promotion of scientific European cooperation in order to evolve a solution for problems concerning the fortresses.

Special profiled scientific research and input are needed, notably to solve problems like the restoration of fortresses with historical handicraft technologies, like protection and management of the nature, like history and historical changes with influence to the fortress architecture.

During the INTERREG-Project “Baltic Fort Route”, three Scientific Consultation Centres were founded, which can be used by the administrators of the fortresses to solve special problems:

Transnational Competence and Consultation Centre "Nature Management in Baltic Fortresses"

Humboldt University at Berlin, Germany
PD Dr. habil. Frank Riesbeck

Transnational Consultation Centre "Reconstruction Technology and Monument Protection of Baltic Fortresses"

Technical University Kaunas, Lithuania
ass. Prof. Dr. Kestutis Zaleckis

Transnational Documentation & Inventory Centre Fortresses

Kaunas, Lithuania
Ingrida Veliute


World wide operating institutions and organisations

- UNESCO – ICOMOS, Scientific Committee ICOFORT

European institutions and organisations

- Europa Nostra
- International Fortress Council –IFC-
- European Federation of Fortified Sites EFFORTS

National institutions and organisations

- Österreichische Gesellschaft für Festungsforschung

- SIMON STEVIN Vlaams Vestingsbouwkundig Centrum v.z.w.

- Nationalna Udrug za Fortifikacije

- Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz
- ICOMOS Deutschland

Great Britain
- Fortress Study Group

- Museovirasto Finland

- Le Réseau des sites majeurs Vauban
- Valoriser les Patrimoines Militaires

- Frënn vun der Festungsgeschicht Lëtzebuerg

- Projectbureau nieuwe hollande waterlinie

- Forsvarsbygg Nasjonale Festningsverk

- Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Fortyfikacji

German institutions and organisations

- Deutsche Burgenvereinigung e.V.
- Deutsche Gesellschaft für Festungsforschung e.V.
- Dresdner Verein Brühlsche Terrasse e.V.
- Förderkreis Bundesfestung Ulm e.V.
- Förderverein Bayerische Landesfestung Ingolstadt e.V.
- Förderverein Europa Begegnungen e.V.
- Fort Gorgast e.V.
- Fortis Colonia e.V.
- Freunde der Festung Magdeburg e.V.
- Interfest e.V.


- Fortifica - Deutsche Festungsforschung (Blog)

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