Historical value of fortified monuments and defence landscapes

All regions in Europe are richly equipped with historical fortified monuments and defence landscapes. This unique cultural heritage, partially awarded with UNESCO-status, represents the special identity and attractiveness of Europe, which indicates European history, as well as important historical events and fallen empires. Fortification systems have been influencing the urban and regional development.

Today there are numerous, very important cultural sites, art, tourism, leisure and modern entertainment that offer the possibilty to create new jobs and economic opportunities both for cities and regions in the future.

However this potential has not been mobilised yet. Experts evaluated the national and European policy concerning this kind of heritage. The lack of capital, deficit of income, quality of management, low priority within local politics and lack of communication are examples for deficits that were mentioned.

Especially Eastern European fortified heritage is dependent on the transfer of knowledge to structure the reconstruction, utilisation and management of the heritage. There is a huge demand of networks and expert discourse and transnational cooperation is still underdeveloped.

ECCOFORT supports the capitalisation of the cultural resource of fortified monuments and landscapes as one of the most important tasks to save, preserve, protect, use and integrate the fortified heritage into modern life. This includes economic and social effects, strengthening of attractiveness and identity of Europe.

ECCOFORT will combine the integration of fortified monuments into development of cities and regions with better more economic valuation and autonomy of public budgets, better integration into markets, stimulation of investments, keeping and exchange of knowledge, institution building and scientific cooperation, permanent cooperating partnerships and a new quality of transnational policy conerning the unique fortified heritage in Central Europe.

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