Overview to the several activities of ECCOFORT and other bodies to the cultural heritage of Fortified Ideal Cities.

of Initiation Conference for European Cooperation of “Fortified Ideal Cities”
/ Latvia, August 29th-30th

Initiated from ECCOFORT and organised from the Fortified Ideal City of Daugavpils together with Daugavpils University / Latvia, has been carried out the first conference of European Fortified Ideal Cities from 28th till 31st August 2011.

Nine Fortified Ideal Cities (FIC) from eight countries participated: Daugavpils and Daugavgriva (LV), Alba Iulia (RO), Elburg (NL), Fredrikstad (NOR), Josefov (CZ), Jülich (D), Karlovac (HR), Klaipeda (LT) and Zamość (PL). Also presented was Saarlouis (D), Kostrzyn nad Odra (PL) to the former bridge-head of fortress Riga, Kobronskants.

As result of the conference the participants signed a Declaration of Intent for European Cooperation and Partnership of Unique Cultural Heritage Fortified Ideal Cities”. This declaration is a clear signal for the continuation of cooperation basing on a road map and supporting programme.

The participating FIC agreed a draft ofProgramme of Partnership and Cooperation between Fortified Ideal Cities in Europe“, which was developed by ECCOFORT. This programme contains seven fields of action which are of common interest to all parties.

For the first time, the conference confirmed the special qualities of fortified heritage, the so called “Fortified Ideal Cities (FIC)”. The FIC belong to the most attractive and important fortified monuments representing the history of Europe. For the moment, ECCOFORT ascertained a list of more than 55 FIC in more than 20 countries.

This common identity of the Fortified Ideal Cities generates similar questions and interests of city development, monument protection, utilisation and operation of the architecture of defence and nature, of marketing, management and monument economy.


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