The „Fortified Ideal Cities (FIC)“ – a unique value of the historical fortified heritage in Europe

What are “Fortified Ideal Cities”?

The European Cooperation Centre of Fortified Heritage in Berlin offers a new initiative for a special kind of fortified cultural heritage in Europe: the „Fortified Ideal Cities“.

Europe holds an "unrecognised pearl" of preserved historical fortified cities with a regular (ideally) structure. Famous and well preserved examples are

  • Palmanova in Italy
  • Terezin and Josefov in the Czech Republic
  • Valetta in Malta
  • Neuf-Brisach in France
  • Naarden in The Netherlands
  • Daugavpils in Latvia
  • Alba Iulia in Romania

Their foundation is based on the military strategy for the defence of regions from the 15th till 18th century. The town planning was realised under instruction and requirements of the military administration. The Romans were among the first to plan such ideally structured cities.

ECCOFORT Initiatives

In 2011 the European Cooperation Centre of Fortified Heritage –ECCOFORT- started an initiative of support for this special kind of fortified cultural heritage in Europe and created a new term: the „Fortified Ideal City”.

ECCOFORT defines the “Fortified Ideal Cities” as a specific and independent category of the fortified cultural heritage.

Fortified Ideal Cities - created on the drawing board of the military - have a regular structure and defined sectors for military functions. They all have a geometric, systematic layout of the city centre and a mostly geometrical enceinte.

For the moment there are known more than fifty “Fortified Ideal Cities” in more than twenty European countries.

ECCOFORT initiate various activities to identificate, protect, maintain, research and document Fortified Ideal Cities in all over Europe. Furthermore the association initialise several activities of European partnership, cooperation and the exchange of experiences.

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