"Architectura militaris" - Cultural Heritage with special touristic potential

Fortified monuments have a big touristic-economical potential, but until today only a few benefit from this. Many fortified monuments already present very diverse and very interesting leisure and tourism offers, a presentable world of experience for the needs of a modern society.

ECCOFORT initiated this great transnational cooperation project with 13 partners from 8 Central European countries. Sponsored by the European Union they laid the groundwork between 2012 and 2014:

- for a new quality of international fortress tourism,
- created a touristic brand for the fortress tourism for the first time,
- developed new marketing instruments for fortresses and
- founded an European Fortress Network.

More information to the finished European funding project you'll find on the project-website: www.forte-cultura-project.eu
Information about the European Culture Route FORTE CULTURA you'll find in the tourism portal: www.forte-cultura.eu


New Structures for Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing

With a transnational cooperation the establishment of new parameters for the preservation, touristic use and economic consolidation of the Cultural Heritage Fortified Monuments began in 2013. This includes the cultural route and the responsible management organisation.


  • FORTE CULTURA® is a registered trademark subject to European rights
  • FORTE CULTURA® is a specialized tourism product for fortified monuments, supported by the European Union 2012 until 2014
  • FORTE CULTURA® is in the implementation process, carried by the FORTE CULTURA e.V. (former European Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network e. V.)

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Participants in the European funded project "FORTE CULTURA" at the network conference on the Hohensalzburg (AT), June 2013:

Fortresses / fortified cities

- Fortress Hohensalzburg (AT)
- Fortress Kufstein (AT)
- Fortified Ideal City Josefov (CZ)
- Fortress Rosenberg, Kronach (DE)
- Fortress Königstein (DE)
- Fortress Komarom (HU)
- Fortified Region Verona (IT)
- Major Fortified System Kostrzyn nad Odra (PL), Lead Partner

Organisations / Institutes

- Austrian State Archives (War Archive) Vienna (AT)
- ECCOFORT- European Cooperation Centre for Fortified Heritage (DE)
- Humboldt-University at Berlin (DE)
- TIAW - Thuringian Institute for further education (DE)
- Hungarian Tourism Agency (HU)
- National Fortress Association Italy (IT)
- European Institute of Cultural Routes (LUX)
- Institute for the Protection Cultural Heritage of Slovenia (SLV)



Tourist Guide Book


Newsletter 1

Newsletter 2

Newsletter 3


Impressions of the Kick-off meeting in fortress city Kostrzyn nad Odra / Poland in October 2012:

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